Press reviews


«Inspired play of the talented musicians won the audience over. Brahms Trio is a bright phenomena in contemporary performing art...»


«…The audience enthusiastically applauded to the exquisite sounding of Brahms Trio. This is a brilliant group… Each musician was both an
attentive ensemble member and a vivid individuality at the same time…»

«The Music Life» Magazine

«Powerfully, strongly with fresh sensation of violent passion coupled with strict, noble form to say shortly, it was real Brahms!»

«The Russian Musical Newspaper»

«...Trio by Schnittke simply shocked by shrilling ache...intellect, hot passion and sharp silence of the departure...»

«Zvezda» Newspaper, Perm

«The performance of Brahms Trio can be called a rare and precious gift…Exquisite interpretation of the music pieces and harmony of sounding giving the impression that there was one person playing instead of three, won the audience over».

«Vladimir Evening Newspaper»


«...the audience was delighted by this high taste in interpretation of sensitivity, so typical of chamber music as well as by the refinement of their ensemble sounding».

«Turingishe Gazette»

«The center of the evening was Tchaikovsky... Free instrumental belcanto, rhythmically perfectly played fuga was engraved on the memory of the
audience. The audience was stunned and silent for a long while and then burst into applause».

«Passauer Neuer Press»

Great Britain
«The Brahms Trio gave wonderful reading, totally aware of all the irony, bitterness and humour in the score of Shostakovich’s op. 67».

«The Stradivary» (The Strad) Magazine